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CUE Global & Finder Yearly

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CUE Global & Finder is a complete technical trading system on the award-winning MetaStock platform. It can run both on MetaStock Real-Time as well as MetaStock Daily-Chart. CUE Finder Technical Breadth uses Microsoft Excel.

It can be used for the USA market as well as global markets.

It can be used for trading stocks, ETFs, futures, options, or other instruments.

It can be used for swing trading, longer-term investment, or day trading.

CUE Global & Finder is a Complete, Unambiguous, and Easy-to-use system. There is no parameter to be set. There is no threshold to compare to. You don't have to wonder about bearish or bullish divergences. The system adjusts itself to market conditions. You focus on your trade management and trade discipline. CUE finds the trades for you. 

CUE Global & Finder encapsulates and hides all the complexities of doing technical analysis. You focus on colors and lines and intuitively respond to them.

CUE Global & Finder is unambiguous. Whether you, I, or another person looks at the market or stock using CUE Global, all will most likely arrive at the same conclusion, making the system easy to follow confidently and without subjective judgments. You may find this unambiguity invaluable in your live trading.

You may use CUE Global & Finder with CUE DIVES to look at the market holistically and find 360° trades where forces from the market, sector-industry, fundamental, technical, and even seasonality are aligned. All that is done using visual signals. 

You may learn more about it from the below pages.

The learning page has information on CUE Global & Finder and other CUE systems and how to use them, including hours of Masterclass Videos.