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At the TradingApp.Store, we provide a cost-effective, cutting-edge online marketplace exclusively designed for trading app developers like you. Our platform offers a secure environment for listing and showcasing your products, backed by a suite of services that simplify your journey from development to profit. By leveraging our infrastructure, you can shift your focus to what matters most - creating exceptional trading apps.

The Power of the Vendor Portal

Real-Time Sales Tracking

Keep a finger on the pulse of your sales with real-time reports and tracking. Receive real-time purchase notifcations delivered to you via email or webhook. Monitor your success and adjust strategies accordingly.

Effortless Product Management

Create, edit, and manage your Product pages with ease. Upload product images, videos, strategy performance reports, instruction manuals, digital deliverables and more. There is no limit to the number of products you can list!

Pricing and Subscription Options

Choose from Free Trial, Lifetime License, Monthly, Annual Subscription options.

License Management Made Easy

Vendors may download a custom variation of the 'Trading App Store License Manager' from the Product page while creating or editing a new Product. This app comes Vendor-master-keyed for testing their app's integration with our licensing and subscription services. (Integration instructions below.)

Act Now, Thrive Forever

Don't miss the opportunity to elevate your apps to new heights. Join a community dedicated to fostering innovation and success in the dynamic realm of trading apps. Welcome to a future where your creations are not just products but milestones in the world of trading.

 Click the button here to create your TradingApp.Store Vendor account now and unlock a world of possibilities. If you already have an end-user account to this marketplace, use the same email address while creating this Vendor account so that the license manager will be dual purposed.

After you have created your Vendor Account, use the integration instructions below to jack your product(s) into the store's infrastructure.

Integration Instructions

The TradingApp.Store offers a simple, yet secure way to seamlessly integrate Vendor applications into our subscription verification services to allow your applications to know if a particular end-user has a valid license for a particular product. It is comprised of digitally signed Dynamic Link Libraries (DLLs) containing API functions accessible via scripts integrated into your software.

For setup, go to, create a vendor account, and click the "Create Listing" button at the top right. Fill out a product name and a product SKU will be self-generated which will identify your product on our servers. Continue filling out this product listing page, including target platform, and an optional target-platform username or customer number that will be embedded into the license. If your application is a Python or C-Sharp application, then hardware identification technology will be used to identify users. (More information on this can be found in the integration links to the right, or below on mobile.)

After filling out the details, you can test your application’s communications with our subscription servers. To do so from the Create Listing page click "Generate MSI" and proceed to install the downloaded MSI file. Installing that will put the required TradingApp.Store License Manager application on your machine. You can then launch the TradingApp.Store license manager application to see the generated license and test your scripts with our servers.

GitHub Integration Examples / SDK

More platform integrations are currently in the works.  If you have an app for a specific platform ready for production now, please contact us so that we can elevate the platform’s priority. If you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to reach out to our support team at

We're here to help you every step of the way!