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The TradingApp.Store allows Vendors to offer an array of distribution types, such as free trial, monthly, annual, and lifetime subscription options. End-users can cancel or renew a subscription at any time from their user account page via the top right icon.

After subscribing to a Strategy, the purchaser will receive two emails. The first contains a receipt of the purchase. The second contains the digital deliverables associated with the subscription. 

Included in the download package is the TradingApp.Store License Manager application. This application should be installed first. It includes the licenses associated with the product subscriptions and displays their expiration dates. Subscription renewals and cancelations update these dates automatically. The end-user needs only to install the License Manager once. Subsequent purchases self-populate into the License Manager at the time of purchase. The License Manager does not need to be running in order for purchased applications to work.

For trading applications using the integrated hardware identifier to authorize a subscription, the License Manager has a mechanism to deregister a machine so that the license can be installed on a different machine, should the end-user choose.

  • Market MRI (with CUE) - Product Suite

    Dr. Jeffery Scott, MD
    Original price $1,795.00 - Original price $1,795.00
    Original price
    $1,795.00 - $1,795.00
    Current price $1,795.00

    Everything in the Market MRI Suite, PLUS an enhanced Scanner app that includes eight CUE signals: CUE PullBack CUE Breakout CUE Bounce CUE Box CUE ...

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  • Santiago Trading Long-Term Investing Strategy

    Santiago Trading
    Original price $250.00 - Original price $250.00
    Original price
    $250.00 - $250.00
    Current price $250.00

    Santiago Trading - Long-Term StrategyTrading a mix of several ETFs: 1) BND, IJR, SPY or VOO, MVV; 2) MVV and SCHZ; 3) AGG and TQQQ, or 4) AGG, TQQQ...

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