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CUE DIVES is a 100% real-time system to analyze all the non-technical dimensions of the market and stocks to find trades that are truly high-probability and low-risk. It uses Microsoft Excel as the front end and professional-grade Refinitiv as the data source.

It can be used for the USA market as well as global markets.

It can be used for trading stocks, ETFs, options, or other instruments.

It can be used for swing trading, longer-term investment, or day trading.

CUE DIVES consists of five independent but integrated logical programs:

CUE Diary is a trading journal that updates PnL and other statistics in real-time. It lets you plan your trade and then follow the plan. Over time, it also highlights what you are doing alright and where fine-tuning may be required to improve results.

CUE Index is for doing constituent analysis.

CUE Vital is for fundamental and peer analysis to find the strongest stocks to buy.

CUE Edge is for sector-industry rotation analysis.

CUE Season is for seasonality analysis.

All the CUE DIVES programs are integrated. They are also integrated with CUE Global & Finder (a separate technical trading system on MetaStock) and CUE Elite (a separate technical trading system on TradeStation).

CUE DIVES encapsulates and hides all the complexities of doing multi-dimensional index-sector-indusrty-fundamental-seasonality analysis. You focus on colors and heat maps and intuitively respond to them.

CUE DIVES is unambiguous. Whether you, I, or another person looks at the market or stock using CUE DIVES, all will most likely arrive at the same conclusion, making the system easy to follow confidently and without subjective judgments. You may find this unambiguity invaluable in your live trading.

You may use CUE DIVES with CUE Global & Finder or CUE Elite to look at the market holistically and find 360° trades where forces from the market, sector-industry, fundamental, technical, and even seasonality are aligned. All that is done using visual signals. 

You may learn more about it from the below pages.

The learning page has information on CUE DIVES and other CUE systems and how to use them, including hours of Masterclass Videos.