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CUE Market Breadth

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CUE Market Breadth is a breadth analysis and internal health check system running on the award-winning MetaStock platform. It uses MetaStock Downloader to download data after the close and MetaStock's Fire Add-On to aggregate the data across thousands of stocks, indexes, etc. Finally, CUE Market Breadth calculates the breadth of analytics and plots on unambiguous CUE charts. CUE Market Breadth requires an active CUE Global & Finder subscription to plot the analytics on the charts.

It can be used in the USA Market.

Everything about each of the breadth charts is about what is happening inside the market. It is not about a stock, ETF, future, or index. 

When trying to understand if the market is healthy, it is of utmost importance to know what is going on 'inside' the market. Looking at futures or index charts does not provide that insight. CUE Breadth looks inside the market. 

Its analytics show if the market is internally weak or strong using advance-decline, up-down volume, new high-low, etc. It alerts of impending short-term or medium-term reversal is likely using oscillators like % of stocks above the 50-day moving average, 3-month new high-low. It highlights probable market tops and bottoms using multiple breadth indicators including Hindenburg Omen, Bingo (baby out of bath-water when it comes at the bottom), and Bango (irrational exuberance when at the top). It shows upside and downside follow-through days using Eureka and Phoenix. It shows invaluable accumulation and distribution counts every day.

From the market level breadth, you can drill down to the two composites level breadth ($NYSE and $NASDAQ) and then further to the major indexes breadth ($DJI, $NDX, $RUT, $SPX, $SP1500). Such drill down helps you to identify the exact pocket you may focus on for buying. A few other analytics help with that, like Growth-vs-Value and Small-Cap-vs-Larege-Cap.

CUE Market Breadth also includes several custom indexes that help to look at the market from different angles. These include Total View, Mega-Cap Index, and Leaders Index.

For real-time plots, you can check which pocket of the market is strong. Real-time % change chart of $SPY vs. $QQQ vs. $IWM vs. $DIA vs. Custom Mega-Cap Index can be used in futures trading for buying the strongest and shorting the weakest. Small-cap vs. Large-Cap, Value vs. Growth, and Mega-Cap Custom Index % change can be used to find the pockets to buy stocks.

You may use CUE Market Breadth with CUE DIVES for a complete top-down or bottom-up analysis. You can also use CUE Global's charts to plot different custom indexes of CUE Market Breadth.

You may learn more about it from the below page.

The learning page has information on CUE Market Breadth and other CUE systems and how to use them, including hours of Masterclass Videos.