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Epic Data Exporter

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TradeStation has an incredibly extensive cache of extensive historical data for stocks, futures, and indexes, in many interval datatypes. The Epic Data Exporter trading app allows you to batch download unlimited amounts of any interval data to .csv file format.  

Intervals Supported:

  • Monthly
  • Weekly
  • Daily
  • Minutes
  • Seconds

Time Zones

  • Local
  • Exchange

Bar Types

  • Session Hours
  • Natural Hours

Volume Types

  • Trade Volume
  • Tick Count

Fundamental Quote Provider (FQP) Field:

This field is used for acquiring fundamental data series, such as EPS, when available. You can see what fields are available, and which ones have historical data at this URL:

Leave the FQP field blank if you do not want to include one of these.

I have included pictures in this listing showing how the product works, please view those.