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Market MRI - Product Suite

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What is included:

  • Dr. Scott's exclusive 'Dots' indicator. This is really eight indicators in one. When a majority of the dots line up green or red, get ready!
  • Use Dr. Scott's custom-built Market MRI scanner to quickly find said stocks that are ready to move, now!  Scan thousands of stocks in less than a few minutes. Use his pre-built filters or create your own unique set-ups to quickly identify daily opportunities.

Dr. Scott's entire toolkit including:

  • Market MRI Custom Scanner 
  • Dots (eight indicators in one)
  • 2 - separate trading systems: EMS & CPR (Catapult)
  • High Jump - Overbought / Oversold Indicator
  • Bongo - Trend Signal
  • Relative Strength to the SPX with Moving Average
  • Two Relative Strength RadarScreen Indicators. (Sort to find the strongest/weakest stocks.)
  • Market Breadth Series of Indicators Including:
  • Bango
  • Eureka
  • Pheonix
  • Hindenburg Omen
  • Dr. Scott's personal TradeStation Workspaces and Custom Symbol Lists


Who is Dr. Scott:

Dr Jeffrey Scott is a Board-Certified Medical Oncologist. He has a 25-year history of entrepreneurial success and has started and sold multiple healthcare services companies to large publicly traded companies. Dr. Scott is currently the President and Chief Medical Officer at Integra Connect, LLC a Precision Medicine and Value Based Company in Palm Beach Florida.

Dr Scott’s real passion is trading. Starting in the early 90s Dr Scott has been trading for 30 years. Because of his work schedule he has developed a suite of trading tools that reflect his trading style. He is an active investor and uses a Top-Down Approach for his trading. He speaks regularly at National Trading Expos and holds annual live education summits. Most know of him through his 20+ years of posting online weekly market updates on You Tube.

 When asked about his style, Dr Scott refers to his methodology as CANSLIM with a Twist. His mentor, Ian Woodward was a great influence on his style and Dr Scott credits his adaption of CANSLIM for his trading success.

Watch Dr. Scott in action with this exclusive toolkit in the videos in the media section on this page!